The first session will include an intake interview from the parent, guardian, and child or young adult to gather information regarding deficits and goals they would like to achieve. The Occupational Therapist will then complete further testing based on the information gathered from the client and their family. This may take 1 hour and will be centered around helping the child and family achieve their goals in collaboration with the occupational therapist.

The therapist will then review the treatment plan with the family or individual. Sessions will range from 1-3 times per week depending on the patients needs. Parents or guardians are encouraged to attend every session with the child so hands on instruction and education can be completed during every session. The most progress is obtained for a child when the family is involved and completes therapeutic strategies at home. Written programs with pictures and instructions including age appropriate activities will be provided to increase engagement at home.

Therapy is work, but it is fun! Occupational Therapy can be fulfilling for the whole family. When a member of the family is receiving services, the entire family unit can be mindfully engaged in the process. This family centered approach will strengthen the family and will increase the child’s success.

Most parents when faced with an atypical behavior or concern regarding their child may consult with a teacher or doctor for suggestions to assist their child. Here are common signs in a child which may warrant the need for an Occupational Therapy referral.

  • unable to focus on a task and becomes easily frustrated
  • poor hand writing skills
  • becomes anxious or overly reactive from normal sensory experiences such as the noises of a classroom, certain clothes, or certain textures of food
  • has a history of an IEP and has received occupational therapy in the schools
  • is not meeting developmental milestones
  • poor coordination or consistent clumsiness
  • struggles with behaviors and mood
  • Inconsistent sleeping and eating patterns

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