Lonni Kallhoff, Office Manager

I grew up loving animals and continue to love them to this day. I rode probably before I could walk, raised calves, had many pets from a chicken hawk, turkey, dove (who still eats at my house every morning and night when she comes to roost.- 6 years now), and many other pets.

I love to travel and have been in 20-plus states on a GoldWing. I even learned how to drive a semi.

I enjoy helping people and that is why I have driven a school bus and enjoyed the children on my route.

I graduated from MPCC and took some classes in Kearney but stopped classes when I was blessed with social work in the nursing home environment along with the marketing, assessment of patients for admission, doing the admission process with the families with the goal of making a stressful situation as comfortable as I could.

The most important part of my life is my family and friends. Family has given me the utmost satisfaction in my life. I am always happy to see where the next venture will take us. I am an advocate that when one door closes, another one opens and it brings along new visions. My family and friends have given me strength and precious memories.

I love spending my time at Child & Family Therapy Institute of Nebraska for the last 6 plus years as I get to meet many people and try to help them with the initial phone intake, insurance questions, and then the process of scheduling with one of our therapists. Then to get work with them ongoing regarding schedules, insurance, and payments.

I also value the teamwork and inspiration that I get from the counselors at CFTI.

Lonni Kallhoff, Office Manager

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