CARE Training

What is CARE?  Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement Program


The hands on skill based practical skills training comes from a program developed at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to teach hands on, relationship enhancing skills to those in child-serving systems. Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE) was developed for those working with children of all ages (Pearl, 2008). It is not therapy and can be provided by non-clinicians. CARE utilizes positive skills to connect with children, a set of techniques for giving children effective positive commands, and selective ignoring techniques to redirect problematic behaviors. CARE can be used by parents and other caregivers, child care providers, preschool, Head Start and school teachers, extracurricular activity leaders, faith-based youth group leaders, or anyone interacting with children. CARE training can be completed in a few hours and is taught in groups. CARE has been adapted and can be implemented relatively quickly and easily to any systems interacting with families and caregivers can acquire new ideas as they work to reduce distress in their families. CARE can function as a preventative set of skills to reduce the number of families who may need therapy. When therapy is needed, CARE can serve as a perfect adjunct to PCIT when this specific treatment is being implemented.


Training Feedback:

“Very validating.  It was amazing to have someone track our thoughts, feelings and reactions.” – Advocate

“I like that it was a small group and very interactive!  I felt comfortable participating and contributing!  It was very applicable to daily work.” – Advocate


Trainer Contact Information:

Kris Steinbeck, LIMHP

Office: 308.532.4940