Questions to ask Providers

  1. Does the individual/agency that provides therapy conduct a comprehensive behavior assessment?
    • What specific standardized measures are given?
    • What did your assessment show?
    • What were some of the major strengths and/or areas of concern?
  2. Is the clinician/agency familiar with evidence-based treatment models?
  3. Have clinicians had specific training in an evidence-based model (when, where, by whom, how much)?
  4. Does your clinician use a facility that keeps the treatment evidence-based?

PCIT therapists use a therapy room with an adjacent observation room and one-way mirror during sessions to observe the client and parent, and provide coaching.  This therapy also requires the use of a bug-in-the-ear FM transmitter (for therapist) and receiver (for parent), as well as a microphone (in therapy room) and receiver (in observation room).  The option to videorecord is available for teaching and review.