Is AF-CBT Right for Your Child?

Who is Appropriate to Receive AF-CBT?


AF-CBT is appropriate for a broad range of families. The following general criteria have been developed to facilitate the identification of families who may benefit from this intervention.

  • AF-CBT Eligibility Criteria: “Yes” to 1, 2, and 3 as well as “Yes to ANY of 4 or 5”

1. Child(ren) must be between the ages of 5 – 17
2. An offending and/or non-offending caregiver (biological, foster, or kinship) is
willing to participate in services.
3. Child and caregiver are appropriate for AF-CBT (i.e., can participate
adequately, could benefit, may eventually be together)


4a. Caregiver has an allegation or report of suspected physical abuse
4b. Caregiver has done something that resulted or could have
resulted in injury/harm to child
4c. Caregiver has likely used some type of excessive or harsh physical discipline
with child

4d. Caregiver and child/family have conflicts and/or heated arguments, which
may include caregiver verbal aggression/abuse


5a. Child has a pattern of oppositional, argumentative, and/or explosive/angry
5b. Child has been verbally or physically aggressive, or exhibited other
high-risk behaviors
5c. Child has trauma symptoms related to physical discipline or physical abuse